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SRA - A Mississippi Full Service Debt Collection Agency SRA - A Mississippi Full Service Debt Collection Agency SRA - A Mississippi Full Service Debt Collection Agency

Value Added Collection Services
SRA's Automated Systems

  Automatic Dialers

SRA utilizes two dialing systems. The primary dialing system interfaces with the debt collection program and the collector can choose the path the dialer will call. This dialer has proven to increase the speed in which debt collectors can place outbound calls. The second dialer allows a properly identified patient or guarantor to interact and receive account information. This dialer has great work ethic, never sick and no breaks and says the appropriate thing every time.


SRA uses software specifically designed for debt collections, providing excellent parameters for the follow-up needed when working debt collection accounts.

  Reporting Options

Besides the standard reporting required, once collection accounts have been loaded into our system, SRA is able to generate any report you may need, on any combination of parameters you specify.

  Documentation & Record Keeping

SRA employs a completely computerized collections process, each activity made toward the collection of your account is noted and stamped with the date and time of the activity. Whether the activity is a letter being sent or a phone attempt being made, we are able to give you real time feedback on your collection accounts.

  Skip Tracing

We utilize both in-house and out-sourced tools to find your customers. Of course, the more information you are able to furnish about the debtor at the time of placement, the more collectable the account will be. However, with our intensive skip tracing tools, SRA is able to locate and contact your customers. Our streamlined skip tracing processes allow SRA to obtain results the next day in most cases.

  Credit Reporting

Unfortunately in the debt recovery business, not every one is waiting for our call and the opportunity to pay their debt in full. In such cases and with your permission, SRA is able to report your delinquent accounts to two of the major credit bureaus in the country. These items will be place on the customers report in both SRA's name and yours. The credit bureaus will direct any calls received in the years that follow directly to our office. Collection items are reported to the credit bureaus only after the debtor has been given 30 days to dispute the debt. Any time an error has been reported, SRA is able to make the correction from our office with a direct link to both credit bureaus. Our credit reporting and correction methods are in full compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

  Legal Services

While many collection accounts can be resolved through communication and negotiations with your debtors, in some cases a lawsuit maybe necessary to force payment. If so, you will receive a detailed legal evaluation and cost analysis. Our administrative department works closely with the attorney's office that handles our litigation process. SRA has been working with the same firm since 1980, needless to say, our process is as streamlined as you'll find.

  Payment Plan Monitoring

Once an agreed upon debt payment plan is made, our collector is able to setup the plan in the debtors' or patients' account. As long as, the debtor or patient continues to make the agreed upon payment terms, the account never comes back to that collector again. This allows a collector's time to be better utilized concentrating efforts on increasing collection attempts instead of sifting through kept promises.

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